Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Site

After much work, a new site is unveiled. With this, the nature of the Cult is changing to reflect its intent. On the new site you will find new releases by Necrocracy ("Death Of All Is The Only Hope For Peace") and Another Pretentious Indie Band ("That One Analog Album I Recorded And Then Forgot About"), as well as Antinomian vol. IV. Releases which have been available here will be available there as well. As of this moment, this blog will no longer be maintained. Thanks to all who have given the Cult more than 17,000 views over the past 4 years. The propaganda against YHWH continues at:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Youtube Laziness

If you're too fucking incompetent or lazy to download albums and unzip them, you're in luck. I've added a lot of tracks to Youtube, where you can stream them. I'll add more at some point. All in the interest of spreading shitty sounds to make you feel miserable, you worthless cunts.

Qliphotic Noise Cult on Youtube

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Future of the Cult

Qliphotic Noise Cult makes all releases available for free download because this is about the creation and dissemination of material, not making money. Occasionally there are limited edition physical copies, but these provide no sounds which are not otherwise available.

In response to the growing number of publishers releasing expensive, limited edition collections of writings focusing on the left hand path (which may or may not be worth a fraction of the cost), the Cult will soon be releasing volumes of Satanic prose in the same manner as noise releases, freely available for download.

The Cult does not exist to take your money. The Cult exists as a means of spreading certain ideas, some more occulted than others. This will not change.

Those who are interested in having their works released by the Cult should make contact. While the Cult's audio releases are predominantly harsh noise/power electronics, it is by no means a limitation. Black metal, death metal, ambient, etc. - if you have something to offer, it will be considered. However, the ideological congruity is important - if your goals seem to not align with those of the Cult, there is no point in trying. This is not restricted to creators of audio works, either. Authors, artists - any who wish to be involved are invited to send material for consideration.

Spit venom in the face of a weeping demiurge!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blackshirt Assault - Low Propaganda

Alternate "Low Propaganda" version of Blackshirt Assault self-titled release. 66.6% lower pitch, with commands.

1. This is Not Repression
2. Advocating Meritocracy
3. Culture of Victim Praise
4. Outdated Morals


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Foulness and Rot - "Black Gematria"

Filthy, hateful, raw sounds straddling the area between black metal and noise. The drums sound like shit, being overpowered by the extreme low bass that's occasionally given an extra texture in the form of growled vocals. In addition to the standard digital release here, 10 CD-R copies with liner notes are being released for $5 each (including shipping). If you're interested in possessing a physical copy, get in contact.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Fuck Mediafire

Two of my albums (Necrocracy - "Killl Fucking Everyone" and Another Pretentious Indie Band - "Abacus The Panda Streisand Porking Barry Bostwick High Noon Rape Plane") have been removed from Mediafire recently due to unspecified ToS violations. If you want either of these, or anything else that offends their draconian morality, email me and I'll directly send you the albums via email.